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Tooth And Nail: Database of the Gorn Confederacy
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Forums for DV2 strategy (EAW or OP), discussions on general tactics, or anything Gorn:

Go to GCS Comms at EZboard

Go to Star Fleet Comms

Canada West Server Website

Links to the Taldren Forums:

Taldren Forums

Dynaverse 2 FAQ Compilation

Links to other Gorn sites:

Ghdar -The Gorn Site (done by S'faret)

Red Talon Fleet (Co-op/SL Fleet)

GFL- Galactic Foreign Legion (Co-op)

XC- Xeno Corp (Co-op)

GE- Guardians Errant (SL Fleet)

GDA- Gorn Dragon Alliance (DV2 Fleet)

GSG- Gorn Sovereign Guard (Disbanded)

Links to some great reference sites:

Starfleet Command 2 @ CUiH - SFC 2 Bug Repository & Resources

Starbase 459

Black Ops Station

KhoroMag Gaming Services

StarFleet Universe