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Tooth And Nail: Database of the Gorn Confederacy
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Gorn History

2131, [Y 15]
During this era, the three Gorn home worlds (of the Tau Lacertae IX star system?) first come into contact with each other, through the Ghdar race of explorers. Each are at a different stage of development: Ghdar I (Ghdar) a space age society, Ghdar II (Geydar) an industrial age society, and Ghdar III (Gihdahr) an iron age society. Contact is achieved within a few months of each other, first with the Geydar and then with the Gihdahr. Within a few decades the Gorns will be unified into a single, though stratified, society. The Ghdar are known as the Gray Scales will be the noblemen of the first century after unification (AU), the Geydar are known as the Brown Stripes will be the middle class workers, and the Gihdahr as the Green Scales are offered the lowest jobs. The Green Scales will fight in the front line (generally under Brown Stripe officers) when the Gorn Hegemony fights its first interstellar wars in the years to come. By the late 23rd Century, Gorn society will become essentially casteless though the Green Scales will remain dominant in the military. [MRM, SFB, Ar]

The Gorn Confederation has few habitable systems, located between the United Federation of Planets and the Romulan Star Empire. Their first encounter with another species, the Paravians, led to a fierce war with the outcome being the annihilation of the Paravian race.
When contact was made with the Romulans, a constant, bloody struggle has ensued to this day. The Gorn fleet considered the Romulans more of a nuisance than a true threat, until the Klingon / Romulan alliance was made. With the introduction of more advanced technology with higher power ships, the Gorn had to follow suit to keep the Romulan threat at bay by introducing heavier plasma torpedoes with ship upgrades to support them.
When the Gorn discovered the UFP had set up a colony on a claimed world, and this being their first contact with them, reaction was swift and war broke out with the attack and destruction of the colony. From past experience, it was decided that any further alien intrusion would be detrimental to the Confederacy, and a show of force was the only way to deal with any encroachment upon their territory. Fortunately, events led to the eventual Gorn / UFP Alliance which has benefitted both sides greatly.

The Library
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